Sean Allen Exercise Physiologist




Sean Allen

Exercise Physiologist

Sean Allen has worked for several years in the health and fitness industry. Initially as a CrossFit coach. Which saw the start of his career as an Exercise Physiologist.

Following his own diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes at 22. Sean found that the best way to manage his condition was through nutrition and exercise.  As a result,  he is passionate about improving the lifestyles of all clients.  He  does this through  specific individualised programs, because he knows there is no cookie cutter approach when it comes to excellent health.

Sean provides specialist exercise advice  across all areas of  health.  Most importantly, across his special interest  areas;  injury rehabilitation, complex conditions and diabetes.   Not ony that, he understands the mental health challenges that come with  these conditions.  As a result he is passionate about improving each clients ability to cope and get more out of life. Sean believes that everyone can participate in exercise, regardless of their age or condition.  His sessions Focus on empowering the client through  exercise, education and goal setting  to get the desired results.

Outside of work Sean enjoys CrossFit, spending time with his partner and their two dogs, and playing golf.