Rowena Sanderson Exercise Physiologist

Rowena Sanderson

Exercise Physiologist and Owner

Rowena has lived in Townsville since 2009. She has travelled extensively across Australia prior to that. Rowena loves challenges. The latest is training her dog to be an assistance dog for her type 1 diabetes. Rowena’s passion in the clinic is chronic pain and associated mental health conditions. She is a firm believer in never giving up. There is always a way to overcome a challenge. 

Rowena is a My Health for Life Facilitator . She currently leads the core academy classes, delivers hydrotherapy sessions and runs group sessions for Corporate bodies. Rowena is available at Kiwan and our outreach services with Fairfield medical Centre


Jason Di Betta Exercise Physiologist

Jason Di Betta

Exercise Physiologist

Jason is a local boy, attending Ignatius Park during his teenage years. He has an immense passion for getting the most out of people. Which he does daily, both in the clinic and on the football field as captain of the Hermit Park Tigers.  He has had his fair share of injuries over his football career, understanding first hand the challenges associated with mobility and function. 

Jason is a My Health for life facilitator, runs several groups in the clinic, at the pool and for Corporate bodies

Max Tink, Exercise Physiologist

Max Tink

Exercise Physiologist

Max grew up in Townsville and first met Jason at Ignatious Park during their teenage years. Max has a great sense of humour and is well known for his dad jokes in and around the clinic. Aside from work, Max loves to go fishing, play with his two beagles and rough it out with the Hermit Park Tigers. Clinically he loves to work with chronic pain and muscular conditions. He also has vast experience in Occupational Health and ergonomics

Max runs a number of programs for Unison Health including;

In clinic services, My Health for Life, hydrotherapy, ergonomic assessments, group and individual sessions.

Ex Phys Joel Newman at the multifunction machine

Joel Newman

Exercise Physiologist

Joel is Townsville born and bred. He was fortunate enough to be brought up with a strong influence of spending most of his time outdoors. His favourites are sport, fishing and diving. And yes, he is a Cowboys supporter. He graduated from JCU in 2018 with a degree in Exercise Physiology .  Joel’s passion to comebuild his career in health and rehabilitation comes from his strong involvement in sport. Joel has played a range of sports including Touch Football and continues to play Men’s Division 1. Growing up he played soccer and Futsal until he was 21.  He has also played AFL and Rugby 7’s through his school years.

Joels interests in Exercise Physiology is broad- he loves sports performance and the  challenge of complex cases. This drives him to spend a lot of time researching to meet the goals of the individual.  His  interest with clinical conditions stem from his own  personal experiences and from those clients he has already worked with at Unison Health and his University placements. Working with clients to help them achieve their goal, will always be a rewarding experience. 

Exercise Physiologist

Sean has worked for several years in the health and fitness industry, firstly as a CrossFIt coach, which laid the foundations for him to pursue a career in Exercise Physiology.

Following being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 22, Sean found that the best way to manage his condition was through nutrition and exercise, and now passionately advocates healthy lifestyle modifications to all of his clients. Sean specialises in injury rehabilitation, as well as using exercise to assist with maintaining good mental health. Sean believes that everyone can participate in exercise, regardless of their age or condition, and promotes goal setting to help his clients achieve their desired outcomes.

Outside of work Sean enjoys CrossFit, spending time with his partner and their two dogs, and playing golf.

Natalie Holt - Exercise Physiologist

Natalie Holt

Exercise Physiologist

Natalie moved to Townsville in 2016, after growing up in the town of Ayr. She grew up surrounded by her family’s love of sport and outdoor adventures. Natalie still enjoys her sport as well as the outdoor adventures such as fishing and camping. She also enjoys social outings with friends and family. 

Natalie’s career passion started when acquiring injuries herself whilst being involved with physical activity throughout her life. Natalie graduated from JCU in 2019. She has a broad range of interests with Exercise Physiology. However, she enjoys injury prevention and muscular conditions as well as providing a rewarding service for her clients.

Natalie is a My Health for Life facilitator, runs core academy classes and individual sessions.  

Senior Physiotherapist

Jordan Ginard is a proud Townsville local of 30 years. He has completed 2 degrees from James Cook University in 2011 (Bachelor of sport and exercise science) and 2015 (Bachelor of Physiotherapy) respectively. He is our senior physiotherapist.

Special interests include acute sporting injuries and complex post operative management. 

 Physiotherapy Services he provides Provide:

  • Acute/chronic musculoskeletal injuries
  • Pre/post-operative orthopaedic rehabilitation
  • Chest and Neurological physiotherapy
  • Dry needling/Acupunture
  • Pre-employment + Workplace functional assessments
  • Sports specific exercise prescription
  • Biomechanical sporting assessments
  • Vertigo, headaches and balance pathologies
  • Chronic pain and Osteoarthritis management
  • Home visits
Tayla Argent - Allied Health Assistant and Receptionist

Tayla Argent

Allied Health Assistant and Receptionist

Tayla moved to Townsville in 2018, after growing up in Cairns. She is currently attending JCU studying Exercise Physiology. She is well placed as our Allied Health Assistant with her current studies and future plans. There is always a way to overcome a challenge. 

Tayla is working with our NDIS clients, building her expertise in practical skills. Aside from working, Tayla loves to go camping and spending time with friends and family. 

Exercise Physiologists

Unison Health are your local Exercise Specialists, who understand how to exercise the body to it’s full potential regardless of what medical or physical limitations you may or may not have.  We focus on Exercising Right and Exercise as Medicine. We are registered allied health professionals, and as such can work with Medicare,  NDIS, Private Health Insurers, DVA and Workcover.

Why choose Unison Health over a Personal Trainer? 

Personal Trainers are fantastic,  known for their high levels of motivation, but they have limited knowledge when it comes to working with injuries and medical conditions.  They complete a 6-8 week course to obtain their certification, where as  we  complete a minimum of 4 years of university study to become accredited. During this time we gain extensive knowledge in:

  • anatomy and physiology
  • medical conditions and medication interaction
  • movement patterns from childhood to older age
  • injuries, bio-mechanics and rehabilitation
  • strength and conditioning
  • nutrition
  • sports medicine and sports performance