Rowena Sanderson Exercise Physiologist

Rowena Sanderson

Exercise Physiologist and Owner

Rowena has lived in Townsville since 2009. She has travelled extensively across Australia prior to that. Rowena loves challenges. The latest is training her dog to be an assistance dog for her type 1 diabetes. Rowena’s passion in the clinic is chronic pain and associated mental health conditions. She is a firm believer in never giving up. There is always a way to overcome a challenge. 

Rowena is a My Health for Life Facilitator . She currently leads the core academy classes, delivers hydrotherapy sessions and runs group sessions for Corporate bodies. Rowena is available at Kiwan and our outreach services with Fairfield medical Centre


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Exercise Physiologists

Unison Health are your local Exercise Specialists, who understand how to exercise the body to it’s full potential regardless of what medical or physical limitations you may or may not have.  We focus on Exercising Right and Exercise as Medicine. We are registered allied health professionals, and as such can work with Medicare,  NDIS, Private Health Insurers, DVA and Workcover.

Why choose Unison Health over a Personal Trainer? 

Personal Trainers are fantastic,  known for their high levels of motivation, but they have limited knowledge when it comes to working with injuries and medical conditions.  They complete a 6-8 week course to obtain their certification, where as  we  complete a minimum of 4 years of university study to become accredited. During this time we gain extensive knowledge in:

  • anatomy and physiology
  • medical conditions and medication interaction
  • movement patterns from childhood to older age
  • injuries, bio-mechanics and rehabilitation
  • strength and conditioning
  • nutrition
  • sports medicine and sports performance