Beat It - Diabetes Program

Diabetes. Want to BEAT IT?

Are you living with diabetes?  Type 1, Type 2 or gestational? It doesn’t matter which type you have. You may be eligible for this funded program. 

Unison Health is Townsville’s only provider of this program

Living with diabetes can be challenging at the best of times. So much information to digest and implement, and often provided in a short timeframe when first diagnosed. This can lead to a lot of confusion as to how to make the modifications required to live life to the fullest.  Even after years of living with diabetes, we may still not have all the details right. Regardless of what type of diabetes you are living with, lifestyle modification makes all the difference.  

The biggest questions, where do you start? What is right for you? How do you know what to do with your diabetes, your medications and any other conditions? This where Unison Health can help answer those diabetes questions. We are so very lucky to have not one, but two exercise physiologists that live with  type 1 diabetes. They understand firsthand the struggles, complications, fears and rituals that it takes to live with this condition.  Along with their expertise, we offer a  friendly, supportive environment  to help you get back on track.

  So what does the BEAT IT diabetes program involve?

  •  Initial Assessment
  • Individual, tailored program
  • 16 group sessions (2 per week)
  • Education sessions
  • Accountability and tracking your progress
  • Final Assessment
This program is FREE to NDSS registrants who have not participated in a BEAT IT program in the last 2 years. Bookings are essential and are made through NDSS. Call 1300 136 588 to register today

Unison health won’t leave you there. After completing the program, we have a range of other sessions to continue on with. We believe in your right to excellent health, longterm. Let’s BEAT your diabetes.