Exercise Classes at Unison Health

Exercise Physiology Clinic

Core Academy

Low Impact exercise that uses the Principals of Pilates, Yoga and Body Weight exercises. Various classes to suit all levels, whether you are a beginner, have back pain, or if you are looking to improve your sports performance

Gym and Rehabilitation

Individual Programs done in a small group environment. Designed specifically to work on the areas you need. Suits people that want to work hard on rehabilitating their injuries, post surgery and complex conditions


Circuit classes are designed to pump up the volume. If your medical conditions are stable, and you are looking to increase muscular and cardiac strength. These are for you.

Stay Standing

Struggling with Balance? It doesn't matter why you are struggling. This class is designed to challenge you in a fun and lighthearted way. You will work on balance, strength, ability to multitask, and focus. It is suitable to all ages.