NDIS participants have been missing out! As Exercise Physiologists, our hands were tied in how we could help NDIS participants.  Just a few days ago there were exciting changes to the NDIS structure! Now exercise physiologists (EP) can help participants under Improved Daily Living AND Health and Well being. At Unison Health, we are so excited with this as it means we can do even more to help our clients achieve their goals.

EP’s are an integral part of their overall team as they work with the participant to improve

  • Overall Strength and  Physical Function
  • Cognitive Function and Focus
  • Good Behaviour Choices
  • Sleep Quality and Patterns
  • Reducing Muscle Wastage
  • Self Confidence and Socialisation
  • Gait Retraining
  • Reducing Pain

As always, all the sessions are client centric. That is it is 100% based on the participant goals. Each participant goes through a process of assessment. This provides our exercise physiologists a throrough understanding of each individual NDIS participant. Their conditions, their abilities, their goals. Our EP’s also take into account the participants other therapy requirements under improved daily living before devising a plan.

NDIS Participant at Unison Health; Exercise PhysiologistsTownsville

Our NDIS services

As with all our clients we have a range of services that we can offer NDIS participants. Commonly we provide one on one services in the clinic, pool, or home. If the participant has a gym membership, we are more than happy to see them there. Even though these are one on one sessions, our clinic is buzzing with activity, so the participant still has the opportunity to have social interaction. If the client is not ready for socialisation, we will work with the participant during the quieter times of day.

Our EP’s also encourage our NDIS participants to join in group classes. These can include classes with various abilities and classes specific to the participants pathology.

We would love to help as many people as we can. Please help us make the difference in a participants life.

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